About Us


“what if we design and build a bonus room that could be delivered to someone’s backyard?”

-the question that started it all

The range of lifestyle improvements an aux box can provide, is vast. With an aux box in your backyard, a professional work environment is just steps from your back door. You can have a luxury space that is designated for hosting or entertaining guests.  You can have a hobby studio with a large picture framed view of nature that invites inspiration and focus.  How you use and fill your aux box is your choice.  We simply provide you with a beautiful space, as well as an alternative to traditional construction methods, timelines and mess.     

Get a room!

aux box Landon Sheck

Landon Sheck


Raised in Chemainus, “the little town that did” on beautiful Vancouver Island,  Landon has left a few times, but just couldn’t find a better place to live. Settled in Nanaimo with his wife and two daughters, he has built many relationships in the construction industry throughout the mid-Island. His desire for perfection in his work has awarded him extremely high level projects. Landon is always present, genuinely enjoying every moment and interaction. 

aux box Morgan Seeber

Morgan Seeber


Morgan was born and raised on beautiful Prince Edward Island. Him and his family now call the Canadian west coast home. Inspiration for Morgan comes from simply living life and observing what works and doesn’t work.  Morgan will not travel a path just because everyone else does. He is a deep thinker who wants to create and design spaces that are functional and beautiful.