what are the dimensions of the original aux box?

* length: 10' 9” ( 15’3” for the extended version )
* width: 9' 11 ”
* height: 9' 6 ½” (plus foundation)
* footprint: 106 square feet
* interior floor space: 84 square feet

why is an aux box 106 square feet?

at 106 square feet, we can typically avoid building permits. although you still need to check with your municipality, no building permits means cutting down install times by months. 

how is modular construction better than a contractor building in my backyard?

we love this question. it’s too easy.

  1. much faster: overall faster construction time. we don’t have weather delays and we can fabricate the building and set up the foundation at the same time. we also won’t charge our clients for daily set up and daily clean up. our tools and mess stay in the factory.

  2. more cost efficient: we have much less material waste and time waste. just think of all the trips a contractor and his trades take to your property.

  3. better quality product: we work and live on the "wet" west coast. each aux box is built in a controlled and covered factory. it never gets wet until it’s protected and sealed.

  4. less site time: renovations, additions and additional construction on your property means you have trades coming and going for weeks or months. there’s no such thing as a short as well as a quality addition or renovation. our aim is to disrupt your life for 1 day of installation.

  5. less site mess: we don’t have weeks and weeks of making a mess of your house and yard. remember all the dirt and dust of your last renovation?

is an aux box a tiny home?

no. a tiny home has wheels and things on wheels typically decrease in value.

is an aux box a "living space"?

technically no. to be a living space, the building needs plumbing and some form of kitchen. we can add that to an aux box if you'd like. simply put, we would need to apply for building permits, get more building, plumbing and electrical inspections and expect a longer installation timeline. 


what do you use for a foundation?

there are a couple of options we will recommend but you are not limited to them.

  1. 4 or 6 concrete pads

  2. 4 or 6 piles (concrete or metal screw piles)

since no building permits are typically required, there is also no foundation requirements. having said that, no foundation doesn't make any sense. there are other options and this question could be answered much better with a site visit from us at aux box, or a trusted contractor that you may use for installation.

how is the aux box shipped?

we deliver local on a commercial deck-over trailer. if you are outside of bc, we arrange for another transport company to deliver your aux box.

how is the aux box placed in a property?

ideally it would be craned into place. this might not be an option for your property so that's why we always complete a property analysis prior to selling an aux box.

what makes an aux box...an aux box?

there are lots of unique details to an aux box but there are 3 parts of the aux box brand that matter most and we won't compromise:

  1. we won't compromise on structural and building envelope integrity. we build each unit far above the national building code.

  2. we won't compromise on the square front flashing detail. this is the design identity of aux box.

  3. we won't compromise on the shape. we have designed and maximized the most space efficient building possible.

do you build anything else?

yes. bring us your building idea and if we can do it modular style, let's do it! 

why is the electrical panel on the exterior?

there are 2 major benefits to having the electrical panel on the exterior: 

  1. you don't have to see a grey panel door breaking up your beautiful interior wall finish. (unless you think electrical panels look like art, then maybe that's ok. we may judge you though!)

  2. if you decide to hang cabinets or shelves...you can hang them absolutely anywhere on your walls and not worry about illegally covering up the panel or strategically placing them around the panel.

**bonus answer**: your electrician doesn't have to bring his muddy boots inside your beautiful aux box to flip some breakers.

why don’t you use a cheaper vinyl or wood window and door systems?

to us, those products don’t meet the high standard to which we build our buildings. vinyl and wood won’t last like aluminum or metal will. cheaper doesn’t mean they are cheaper in the long term. our windows and door system is commercial grade and designed to be maintenance free. we will continue to explore material options to help with price but we will never compromise on quality.

what are the r-values of the the different aux box building envelopes?

**r-20 insulation spray foam** we can increase r-values for an additional cost. 

why not use drywall?

drywall will almost always crack during transportation. that means more site work and more cost. waste drywall is also getting harder and harder to dispose of. we choose to use cabinet grade birch plywood panelling for a few reasons: it’s beautiful, its strong and lasts, it can easily be replaced if damaged, it can be easily removed to add or fix interior wall components, you can hang a cabinet or shelf anywhere and not worry about catching a stud.

is aux box an environmentally conscious company?

absolutely! the modular industry as a whole is more environmentally conscious than traditional construction practicers. we have less material waste and less travel times for all our projects. we also fabricate and insulate with materials designed to last longer. 

what does an aux box have for heating & ventilation?

heating: a recessed wall heater controlled by digital wall thermostat. ventilation: we recommend every aux box to have at least 1 opening awning window and a door. there are also 2 manually operated wall vents.

can i add air-conditioning to my aux box?

yes. there are typically 2 additional breaker spaces available in the electrical panel for hard-wiring your ac unit.

is the electrical inspected and csa approved?

yes we use intertek to inspect and approve all wiring and electrical components in every aux box. this isn’t mandatory but we have higher standards than “mandatory”.

do i have to paint or maintain the exterior finishes?

not if your model has all metal siding and flashings. they come pre-powder coated and should last a lifetime. if you run into it with your lawn mower, that’s another story. the wood on the front of certain models will need to be maintained and preserved the same as other exterior wood surfaces on your property. 

do you provide extra modular furniture or cabinets?

not officially yet. we are working towards a murphy bed option and custom cabinetry that takes up less space than traditional cabinets. we are also working on a modular exterior kitchen idea. stay tuned!

can 2 aux boxes be stacked or attached side by side?

both options are possible. since you are essentially joining 2 buildings, your square footage increases and you now need to go through the building permit process. depending on the configuration, some structural and finishing details will change. bring us your idea and maybe there is also a permit free solution. 

if you need a larger space, we could simply build you a bigger modular building. 


If you have any other question, please contact us.