the construction of an aux box challenges conventional construction methods at every turn. we want a structure that is stronger, a process that is faster, a product that is better, and of course, it must be beautiful without breaking the bank. the lumber, the insulation, the roof, the glass, the floor, the finishing…. every component has been carefully considered and optimized, resulting in a thoughtful, systematic process that delivers an exceptional aux box every time! this all takes place in our warehouse, a controlled environment, which means clean, dry, safe, and consistent. while we build, a minimal foundation and appropriate electrical is installed on your property, meaning as soon as construction is complete, the aux box can be delivered. we should also point out, there is no typical construction mess in your yard either!

your neighbours will thank you.

aux box 12.jpg


The aux box is remarkably beautiful. very clean lines, no interior trim and no roof overhang, every detail was considered while designing the aux box.  The glass front wall creates a close connection to the surrounding landscape while removing you from the elements. Where are the soffits and roof overhang? Where are the gutters? Where are the baseboards and window trims? Why is the electrical panel on the exterior?  These are design elements that make an aux box sleek and stunning.  

Exterior Dimensions
• Length: 10' 9”
• Width: 9' 11”
• Height: 9' 6 1/2”

Interior Dimensions
• Length: 9' 8 1/4"
• Width: 8' 7 1/2"
• Ceiling Height: 8'




an aux box can be installed in less than a day! our efficiency, speed, and tidiness during the entire building process is unmatched in the industry. we designed the aux box so that it automatically meets planning policy 'permitted development'. there is no requirement for building permits and we have very little site work, meaning, minimal yard mess and disruption to your personal space.



The aux box is very energy efficient.  The white roof, the solar cooled glass and the closed cell spray foam insulation help keep the room cool on those hot days.  
The insulation, the glass and the recessed wall heater also keep you warm and cozy when its cold and wet outside.
For our clients, we will always suggest 2 operational glass openings for ventilation. There is a small upper and lower wall vent to help circulate fresh air.  air conditioning is an available option.


the aux box has only a few shapes, but there are endless customizable elements. full glass walls with sliding doors, flooring type and tone, interior and exterior wall finishing, siding style and colour; we will work hand in hand with you to build the perfect aux box tailored to your needs.

if you have any questions about aux box or if you're interested in a chat to discuss an idea you have,  do not hesitate to get in touch with us.