Could it be?


The first bit of text on our website talks about having the opportunity to reach one's full potential. When we first wrote this and discussed whether we were truly contributing to this philosophy, we were a little skeptical. At least I was, and I think I came up with it. Can a little building, built by a couple guys good at building things, actually be a foundation on which to pursue one's potential?

The skepticism is long gone. I'm convinced that our surroundings dictate our rate of achievement much more than we are aware. I'm not just trying to push our product. 

The idea of surrounding yourself with the right people, in the right place with the right things, has been coming into focus for a while, a decade or so for me. This process, the design of our environment, the things and people we come in contact with each day, is a constant, never ending journey. It's composed of little steps. New friends, new places and new things help us identify new desires and ambitions, or perhaps bring clarity to old passions. We brush up against a new idea someone has brought to fruition, and realize our own ideas are important and valuable and worthy of development. We are humbled by a failure, but learn through the experience where the gap in our skill set is and adjust accordingly. The destination is a moving target, but not in an unobtainable way, rather a "becoming" way. We are constantly becoming the best version of ourselves. 

When we say that, "we believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential", it's from the perspective that there is no end game. Today we will have opportunities to reach our potential. If we take advantage of those opportunities, and do indeed reach the potential for the day, we will then be in a position to see that we have more potential than we thought, and begin the process of seeking new opportunities to reach again!

You see? It's a process. 

If you think I'm out to lunch on this, try calculating expenses from stacks of receipts at your kitchen counter while dinner is being made and you and the kids are hungry. I know it can be done... but trust me, there are better ways. Just one of the million better ways, is to have a space to boost that rate of achievement. A place to quicken the pace of "pursuing potential".

Now I am pushing our product....

But that's why we created it! 

Landon Sheck