aux box trend.jpg

Trend (definition): a general direction in which something is developing or changing

Most trends last a few weeks, some last a few months and some last years or decades because they actually do make sense for practical reasons. Take the automobile for example. For arguments sake, we’ll call automobiles a trend. We will likely see the 4 wheeled people movers be replaced with something else in our lifetime. It really wasn’t that many decades ago that people said the horse and carriage will never be replaced by the car. Jump ahead a century, the automobile is a practical trend that has lasted a long time. 

Now in comparison, consider the game Pokémon Go. That lasted for...I don’t even know....a few weeks? Nobody talks about it anymore. Poor Pokémon wasn’t practical enough to last very long.

With aux box, we are developing a business plan that is part of an efficient lifestyle trend.  The trend is more people than ever are working from home and they need a home work space.  These people value their time, their space and their families. They want fulfillment, flexibility,  and balance in their lives. They want out of the traditional 9-5 with overtime, punch in, punch out, retire at 65 and be too old to do the things they always planned on doing.  By the way, that 9-5 is/was the trend of our parents generation. People simply want independence and flexibility. 

Modular spaces like what aux box offers is one of those long term trends. It’s smart and practical.  It gives people what they want. They acquire freedom to do their own thing, they have their own space, they make money, they spend more time at home, they go to work whenever they want, the list goes on.  There are so many exciting and practical upsides. 

We don’t think the aux box is solely for a home office or work space. We know there are so many more awesome uses for he aux box that can add flexibility to someone’s life. We just see the aux box office space giving those trendy people the most return on their investment. They are investing in their own lives. They are smart!

Morgan Seeber