"Sorry dad, I know those encyclopedias cost a lot."


The idea for the aux box business came from my experiences in exploration of spaces. Living spaces to be exact. I've renovated 2 houses of my own, worked in construction and renovations for 11 years and observed...and observed lots. The thing I enjoyed observing the most was how people intend to use a space but it doesn’t really work out how they planned. People are creatures of comfort and some great “ideas” for spaces just don't flow.   For example, my parents have this really cool (back in the day) fold out desk with all the work supplies hidden inside of it.  It’s even in a so called perfect location. The desk is in the dining room within arms reach of the dining table and within comfortable talking distance from the rest of the main floor. Perfect right? Wrong! We never used the desk for anything other than storage. 

Why was that desk never used?  Well, for one, the lighting wasn’t quite right. Oh and you had to bring a chair over to it to use it. And the height was just a little high for that chair. And it was facing a shelf of uninspiring books. Sorry dad, I know those encyclopedias cost a lot. 

This brings me back to aux box. I wanted to create a company that builds living spaces with intention and flow. Spaces that didn’t have redundancies and unusable areas. I know there’s a lifetime of learning and exploration in this subject but aux box is part way there and the perfect platform to create wonderful spaces. There’s also the modular-building-method side of the company, and the 106 sq/ft aux box, and the very very important attention to details, and high quality workmanship we care dearly about, but I can write about those mind blasting subjects another time.  

We have recently launched aux box with a permit free building to demonstrate how small spaces are extremely useful when used and designed properly. The 106 sq/ft room is an almost perfect cube that’s designed to inspire and help its user reach their full potential.  It’s for that potential they couldn’t reach at the messy kitchen table or in their dark basement office.  

So here’s to the start of something great. Maybe not big, but great. When you get the opportunity to wander inside an aux box building, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Let yourself imagine you doing your thing inside the space.  You just might discover that inspiration you so deeply needed.  That’s what useful space should be used for.

Morgan Seeber