Only bad designs gets noticed. It’s true.  


For this illustration, I’m going to talk about boring stairs.  Have you ever walked up a set of exterior stairs and you need to take an extra step or do a stutter step to get comfortable foot placement? You complained, didn’t you. That was bad design. 

Then there’s that set of stairs that you use everyday. You have never mentioned to anyone how you never stubbed your toe or the hand rail was easy to grab, and the tread depth was just perfect for your foot, and you had lots of headroom above you. That was good design. Note: That good design could also be beautiful to look at because of the finishes the designer chose or the quality of workmanship. 

Next time you notice the design of something, take note why you noticed it. It’s most likely bad. But on the other hand, maybe start observing good design. Those shoes you’re wearing are comfy right? They don’t give you back pain?  That’s good design. Noted.

Morgan Seeber