What do you think


We had just spent too much money on a mediocre breakfast, and average coffee, but we agreed that we were on to something with the idea Morgan had just proposed. 

"Let's go to Starbucks and get a decent coffee and better wifi and create a business around this"

And so aux box was born. 

Similar to having a child, starting a business has significant, often overwhelming challenges, accompanied by disporportionately sporadic rewards that keep you pushing on.

With a child, you can spend a week addressing the chaos of diapers, new teeth, no sleep.. etc and then the little munchkin gives you a perfect, innocent, 'I love you' smile... And all the chaos is immediately forgotten. 

So worth it.

Or, for those of you that don't have children and have never run a business, it's like golf. You curse and throw clubs, and then hit that one shot, just one! A smile creeps onto your face as you stride up to the green like tiger woods. You can't wait to get another round in next week. 

We decided early that aux box had to be fun. Whenever possible, we inject a little fun into the journey, and so far, it's all been worth it. 

If you have an idea, go give it a shot. With persistence, effort and a few jokes, you have to win. 

We are on our way, to spreading the joy, one aux box at a time. Stay tuned here to follow along. It should be quite the ride!

Landon Sheck