aux box

You need the experience to get the job but you need the job to get the experience. Have you ever heard that before? I had that challenge on 2 different occasions. My solution; I offered to work for free. The companies I gave my time to had nothing to lose in those cases and on both occasions, they quickly turned into paying jobs. 

Trying to sell the concept of aux box is the exact same thing. We need social proof of how great our concept works to gain clients and we need clients to gain social proof. We also want to prove our high quality of product, our speed of installation, and the efficiency and beauty of our design. Beauty is subjective but everything else can be proven.  How do we do it?

We begin by building a show model. We hire a crane to lift it onto a foundation. Then we are get other businesses and hobbyists to spend time in it.  There are of course other small steps that we document along the way. The next step will be transporting the aux box on the ferry to show thousands of people at a design show in Vancouver. We will follow that up with more marketing and more social proof.  In the near future, we will be building an aux box for my own property and lifestyle. I’ve even started the landscaping to prepare the landing spot in my yard.

So...we do it...we document it...we share it...and we keep going.  We keep displaying social proof without the best kind of social proof; client experiences.

We are spending thousands of dollars and hours to prove to others that our concept works. We personally know it works, otherwise we wouldn’t have sacrificed our previous comfortable businesses,  months and months of paychecks, and other personal sacrifices for something we didn’t believe in.  Hundreds of people have commented how they love it and want an aux box but we feel only a certain few truly believe it so far.  

Experience and social proof is often undervalued when it’s present but when you don’t have it, and you need it, the cost is substantial. We believe in aux box so we will keep spending our resources to prove our dream really works. 


Morgan Seeber